Lucky to be Learning

Tomorrow is the start of the second full week of school and the beginning of my ninth day of the school year as an assistant principal. I knew this year was going to be a year of learning, and I am realizing that the learning is going to be constant – something new every day and on some days something new every minute! 

A few things I have learned so far: 

A team is essential! 

I feel so lucky to be a part of such an amazing administration team. Each of us has different strengths, and I am excited about the wonderful things that lie ahead of us! 

Questions are necessary!

I have so many questions! This school year marks my 20th year as a member of my school district and although I have been thinking about joining the administration for a long time I still have so many questions and so much to learn. Thank you to everyone who has taken the time to patiently answer each and every one of my questions! 

Everyone needs someone who will be her vault! 

Knowing that I have a trusted confidant who truly knows and understands me, listens without judgment, provides words of encouragement, and roots for my success one-hundred percent has been a lifesaver. (You know who you are and I am forever grateful to have you as a colleague and more importantly as a friend!) 

And  more importantly: 

Getting accustomed to carrying and using a walkie talkie takes time. 

Where do I clip a walkie? How I am supposed to carry a walkie, my phone and the coffee that is essential to start my day? And will I ever not have the desire to end each conversation with 10-4? 

Never wear new shoes on the first day of school! 

Welcoming approximately 1400 students to school on the first day results in 16,000 steps. I  learned that doing this in new shoes results in two extremely painful blisters. So no more new shoes on the first-day of school for me (no matter how cute they are).  

But most importantly:

I have learned that I am so very lucky to be starting this journey as an administrator AT THE RIGHT SCHOOL, AT THE RIGHT TIME, and SURROUNDED BY THE RIGHT PEOPLE.

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